October 2012

If I Stay

This brief book packs a punch.

Most of the young adult literature that I’ve been consuming lately has been between 300 and 600 pages, making it seem like anything under 200 isn’t even a full novel. So when I picked up the wildly popular If I Stay by Gayle Forman and saw it was under 200 words, I figured it would be a quick read.

The answer to that theory, however, was yes and no—it didn’t take long to read, no, but it still took longer than a typical book of 200 words because every page was filled with thought-provoking, often poetic prose. It is the story of Mia, a musical prodigy with a loving, supportive family, gorgeous and kind boyfriend, and fabulous best friend. She leads the kind of life that we all wish we’d led as teens—normal, with passion and support, and the ability to follow her own interests with approving parents at her side. Even her younger brother is beloved rather than a pest, for the most part.